10+ years of experience

Meet Vin, a seasoned Personal Trainer & Online Coach originally from Dublin, Ireland. With a career spanning 17 years in the fitness industry, Vin’s journey began in his teens when he transitioned from a place of insecurity to winning bodybuilding competitions as a junior athlete at the age of 18.

Vin’s philosophy revolves around equipping clients with the tools to transform their lifestyles while achieving their fitness goals. He emphasizes building strength, confidence, and fostering a positive relationship with nutrition to help clients reach their peak physical condition.

Vin finds immense satisfaction and motivation in guiding clients through life-changing transformations. Being part of their journey towards success is a source of magic for him.

Regardless of their fitness level, Vin is dedicated to helping clients progress to the next stage of their fitness journey. Meet Vin, your dedicated coach committed to helping you achieve your fitness aspirations.


+971 58 595 6841