Kids Training

Welcome to our Kids Training Program in Abu Dhabi! We specialize in providing a holistic approach to children’s fitness, combining fun activities with essential skill development. With our expert trainers, your child will embark on an exciting journey that promotes weight loss, enhances motor capabilities, and introduces them to various sports.

Fun Meets Fitness: A Complete Wellness Journey for Kida

Dive into a world where fun and fitness merge seamlessly in our Kids Training Program. Here, children embark on an exciting wellness journey, engaging in activities that are as enjoyable as they are beneficial. Our expert trainers specialize in making fitness a playful experience, ensuring that each session enhances your child’s motor skills, strength, and overall health. This program isn’t just about exercise; it’s about instilling a love for an active lifestyle from a young age, setting the foundation for lifelong health and happiness.

“Since starting the weight loss program with Exclusive Trainers Abu Dhabi my child’s confidence has soared, and they’ve achieved remarkable results. I’m grateful for the personalized approach and support that he’s provided throughout the journey.”


Jane, John’s mom – Abu Dhabi

“My two sons have been training with Riad past year and it’s great to see their coordination and agility improved. They find it more challenging training together as they make competition out of every single exercises. I’m happy to see them away from their phones and enjoying physical activity.”


Noor, Malik’s and Jamal mom – Saadiyat island

Custom-Fit Adventures in Fitness: Building Strength and Skills for Every Child

Every child is unique, and our training reflects this belief. We tailor each workout to suit your child’s age, abilities, and interests, creating a custom-fit adventure in fitness. Our sessions focus on building strength, enhancing coordination, and boosting endurance, all while keeping the fun alive. Whether your child dreams of being a soccer star or simply loves to stay active, our personalized approach ensures they get the most out of every session, growing stronger and more confident with each challenge.

Discover the Joy of Sports: Sparking Lifelong Active Passions in Kids

Our program is a gateway to the exciting world of sports. From soccer and basketball to tennis and swimming, we introduce a variety of disciplines to ignite a passion for physical activity. These experiences are more than just training; they’re about discovering new interests, learning teamwork, and developing a zest for an active lifestyle. As children explore different sports, they find their favorites, paving the way for a lifelong engagement in fitness and health.

Grow, Play, Thrive: Nurturing Your Child's Physical and Mental Well-Being

At the heart of our Kids Training Program is a commitment to nurturing both the physical and mental well-being of your child. Our trainers, trained pedagogues, and sports teachers, provide a supportive and encouraging environment. This approach ensures that children not only improve their physical abilities but also experience a boost in confidence and mental resilience. Witness your child’s transformation as they grow, play, and thrive in our nurturing setting, developing the skills and confidence that will benefit them for years to come.

ETAD Kids Training (under 18) Prices:

10 sessions: AED 2,700

20 sessions: AED 5,000

30 sessions: AED 6,900

72 sessions: AED 15,120

144 sessions: AED 27,360

ETAD Kids duo package:

10 sessions: AED 3,000

20 sessions: AED 5,600

30 sessions: AED 7,800

72 sessions: AED 16,560

144 sessions: AED 30,240

*VAT and transaction fees excluded


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