Couples Training

Welcome to our Couples Training Program in Abu Dhabi, where fitness and togetherness go hand in hand. Our program offers a unique opportunity for couples to embark on a transformative fitness journey, creating a stronger bond while achieving their fitness goals together as a team.

“We are incredibly grateful for the couples training program with these guys. It brought us closer, pushed our limits, and transformed our fitness journey as a team. The expert guidance and shared motivation made all the difference. Highly recommended for couples looking to achieve their fitness goals together!” 


Mark and Lisa – Abu Dhabi

Transformative Fintess Journey for Couples

Embark on a unique fitness adventure with your partner through our Couples Training Program. This journey intertwines physical health and relationship strengthening, offering a shared path to wellness. As you work towards common goals, the bond between you deepens, enhancing both your physical and emotional connection. Experience the joy of achieving fitness milestones together, reinforcing your partnership in every session.

Diverse and Engaging Workout Activities

Our program introduces couples to a wide array of sports and exercises, ensuring each workout remains dynamic and enjoyable. From exhilarating cardio sessions to strength-building routines, the variety keeps you both engaged and motivated. These activities are not just about fitness; they’re opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun together. Discover new passions and share memorable experiences as you explore different aspects of physical wellness.

Emotional Connection Through Shared Fitness

Training together goes beyond physical benefits; it fosters a deeper emotional bond. Shared challenges and triumphs bring you closer, creating a supportive and understanding environment. As you witness each other’s efforts and achievements, mutual respect and appreciation grow. This emotional connection, nurtured through fitness, becomes a cornerstone of your relationship, enriching it with every workout.

Personalized Training Plans for Every couple

Recognizing that each couple is unique, our trainers craft personalized plans to suit your specific needs and goals. Whether focusing on cardio, strength, flexibility, or core exercises, the workouts are tailored for maximum effectiveness. Safety and progress are our top priorities, ensuring you both enjoy a rewarding and injury-free fitness journey. Let our expert trainers guide you on a path that aligns perfectly with your joint aspirations.

Pricing and Package Details

Our Couples Training Program offers various packages, each designed to accommodate different preferences and goals. Choose from a range of session options, all competitively priced to provide the best value. Each package includes a nutritional consultation, adding an essential component to your fitness regimen. Start your shared fitness journey today and build a foundation for a healthier, happier life together. ETAD Couples Training Prices:

10 sessions: AED 3,500

20 sessions: AED 6,500

30 sessions: AED 9,000

72 sessions: AED 19,800

144 sessions: AED 36,000

* Each session comes with 30 minutes Nutritional consultation appointment

*VAT and transaction fees excluded


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