10+ years of experience

Meet Riad Zalihic, co-founder of ETAD, a renowned Bosnian fitness specialist. His holistic approach blends physical education, nutrition, and specialized training techniques, making him a sought-after mentor in sports.


Riad’s impressive background includes training football clubs and nurturing young tennis talents. He’s led 3,000+ group classes, captivating fitness enthusiasts of all levels with infectious energy. As a spinning rockstar and boxing instructor, he injects fun into workouts.


What sets Riad apart is his ability to address health issues, providing lifeline support for many to overcome hurdles and regain vitality. Whether you’re new to fitness or experienced, Riad’s motivation propels you to your full potential. Experience the guidance of this fitness luminary, Riad Zalihic, and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you.


+971 58 595 6841