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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section, where we’ve gathered answers to address common inquiries about our personal training services, pricing, and what makes us unique. Take a look at the questions below to find the information you’re seeking, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Personal trainers provide tailored exercise programs and expert guidance to meet your goals. They assist in creating a comprehensive fitness plan, ensuring proper form, offering motivation, and tracking progress. With their support, you’ll achieve desired results and long-term success.

At Exclusive Trainers Abu Dhabi, our personalized approach, qualified trainers, and comprehensive programs set us apart. With tailored programs and support, our certified trainers ensure safe, effective results. We focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset for long-term success. Join our positive, inclusive environment where all fitness levels feel supported.

We provide flexible pricing options to fit your needs and budget. Our personal training sessions offer a variety of packages, including single sessions, multiple session packages, and monthly memberships. Visit our Personal Training page or contact us for detailed pricing information.

During a personal training session, you can expect a variety of activities including warm-up exercises, targeted workouts, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility training, and cool-down stretches. Your trainer will guide you through each exercise, provide feedback on your form, and offer modifications as needed to ensure a safe and effective workout.


The frequency of personal training sessions depends on your goals, availability, and budget. Typically, clients start with two to three sessions per week to establish a solid foundation and receive proper guidance. Your personal trainer will work with you to determine the most suitable training schedule for your individual needs.


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