10+ years of experience

As a professional personal trainer, Anya brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong passion for sport to every client interaction. With a decade-long career in professional basketball, she understand the dedication and commitment required to excel physically and mentally. Transitioning from the court, she immersed herself in various fitness disciplines, including CrossFit, and eventually found her calling as a Les Mills instructor and personal trainer.

Her journey as a NASM licensed personal trainer and functional trainer has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to guide clients towards their fitness goals effectively.

Beyond the gym floor, she is constantly engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, researching nutrition, healthy routines, and sleep management to provide comprehensive wellness advice to her clients.Driven by a relentless desire to improve and evolve in the realm of fitness, Anya is dedicated to empowering others to unlock their full potential and lead healthier, happier lives.


+971 58 595 6841